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Homestead renovation

This project included total refurbishment of a homestead on a rural property. The majority of this home was updated including bathroom and laundry renovations and replacement of the existing kitchen. The terracotta roof tiles were replaced with corrugated iron and the installation and enclosing of several window and door openings also occurred. Three existing fireplaces were modified or replaced and several walls were removed along with floor coverings to allowing sanding and polishing of the original timber floor boards. All electrical circuits were renewed and internal and external painting occurred.

It is very hard to beat the traditional welcoming feeling that this homestead had to offer.

O’Connell extension

This extension was set on a beautiful rural property. The addition of the master bedroom and ensuite was matched in perfectly with the existing building by the team at Dunstan Constructions.

1800s home alterations and restoration

Refurbishment of a 1800s home surprised us and the client with this hidden gem hiding behind the wall linings.

We were faced with the task of renovating an outdated study into a new ensuite.

Prior to starting, we were asked to make some feature shelving in what our client expected was going to be an existing open fire place behind the wall linings. Once we pulled the wall linings off, our job became a lot easier as our feature had been in place long before we had arrived

“This build was the definition of customisation and adaptability on the run”


Addition of living room, master bedroom ensuite, storeroom and walk in wardrobe meant that there was now plenty of room for the whole family. This extension was complimented by new skillion verandah.


The addition of kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, laundry and living area gave this extension a feeling of a “home within a home”.

Sisters of Mercy alterations and additions

This 190m2 project involved the demolition of two existing add-ons and refurbishment of the main building. We also constructed the extension which existed of two separate bathrooms, laundry, toilet, kitchen and main living area. This construction also included a large southerly facing deck and landscaping.